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Dental Implants

Azalea City Dental offers innovative solutions for tooth replacement. Whether you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, we create customized plans that return your mouth to full beauty and function.  Dental implants have become the gold standard for tooth replacement, and we blend advanced training, technology, and experience to bring you the best in modern dentistry.

What are dental Implants?

Every tooth depends on a healthy root anchored in bone for strength and stability. A dental implant replaces the root of a tooth with a titanium form and supports an attached, full-strength tooth. Life-like porcelains crafted with an artistic eye result in restorations that look and feel like they belong in your mouth. And implants may be used to support dentures or bridges, allowing just a few implants to replace many teeth. 

Why dental implants at Azalea City Dental?

Our doctors offer unmatched expertise in providing dental implant care. We’ve drawn together the finest resources and keep every aspect of your treatment under one roof. We’ve trained with some of the leading implant dental educators in the world, and benefit from our ability to plan our cases together.

What technology do you use?


At Azalea City Dental, we’ve gathered the finest technology to help us utilize our skills. 3D digital imaging formed by a CT scanner provides detailed information for safe implant placement.  We create personalized surgical guide pieces that assist us in placing implants with minimal disruption to the surgical site.  You receive the ultimate in precision and accuracy from our focus on innovations that elevate our quality of care.

What problems can implants solve?

Dental implants open endless ways to fill gaps in your smile or put an end to loose, poor-fitting dentures.  Most solutions center around incorporating implants into your plan in three primary ways

  • Single-Tooth Replacement: Replacing one front or back tooth with an implant-supported tooth offers an ideal solution for a single space.  Once the implant integrates into your jawbone, you’re likely to have a trouble-free solution for many years.
  • Multi-tooth replacement: Bridges were commonly used when one or more teeth in a row were missing. Bridges traditionally needed to connect to natural teeth, but they could become weak and decay from the added stress. With implants, the surrounding teeth are not affected.
three unit dental bridge insertion
  • Implant-supported dentures: An entire set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw can be replaced with dental implants. As few as two or four implants may be used to firmly lock dentures into place, giving you confidence in a secure fit.
implant overdenture supported by dental implant

Discover Dental Excellence

With proper homecare and regular preventive visits, dental implants can last as long as your natural teeth.  Our team helps you every step of the way so you’ll enjoy the daily benefits of exceptional dentistry. For even more details on how dental implants support the quality of your life, please visit the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Discover how dental implants can boost your smile and help you chew comfortably. We’re here to answer every question and partner with you for better health. Call us today for a consultation with the implant experts at Azalea City Dental.